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What Educators are Saying

  • I am proud to be a member of PEI...

    and impressed with the quality of “action” that takes place through the organization. Between your support for Leadership Seminars and Annual Conferences, I feel like I am a part of something where I can be heard, and action will take place based on those thoughts. Beyond those benefits, I have not even mentioned the Liability Insurance, Legal Representations, PD Awards and Scholarships, etc. This is an outstanding organization!

    — Jeff Corbett - Math Teacher

  • By far the best purchase of my teaching career.

    PEI will be there the minute you need them. Easy to contact, you even get to talk to real humans who care about you, remember who you are, and support you through every aspect of any issue. Kind, caring, and very professional.

    — Jan Cray - Retired Teacher

  • I am glad I had PEI there to help me through it.

    I was completely taken aback by an unexpected situation last year but I have learned a lot from having experienced it. I am glad I had PEI there to help me through it. Those issues from last year have now blown over and everything is going well again this year. I tell everyone I can about PEI and how well my situation was handled.

    — Kory Staff - Science Teacher

  • They are student first, non-partisan, and professional.

    For me, PEI has been an excellent fit. Initially, I was drawn to the liability coverage and legal protection at a reasonable price. Over time, I have been impressed by the overall philosophy of PEI. They are student first, non-partisan, and professional. Coupled with personalized service, these characteristics make PEI a great organization.

    — Kevin Rohne - Special Education Teacher

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Comprehensive career protection – $2,000,000 liability and more

Leadership conferences and other educational opportunities

Member-driven political advocacy

Providing career legal assistance

A personal, Iowa-only professional association!

Professional Educators of Iowa

. . . was founded in 1981 by Iowa educators for Iowa educators as a statewide, non-profit education association.

. . . is dedicated to seeking positive outcomes for Iowa students and believes all educators should conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. 

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